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Capture & Convert

A WordPress plugin built by marketers, for marketers

Capture & Convert was never meant to be it’s own company.

This plugin was originally built by our marketing agency, WEBRIS, as a simple solution to capture more emails for our client’s websites.

At that time, all the email capture plugins were heavy, bloated and expensive – they ended up wasting our staff’s time and bogging down the overall performance of the website.

Our developers put together a simple, agile and lightweight solution that we could easily implement and scale across all of our client’s websites.

The plugin performed so well for our clients that we had colleagues beating down our door to use it for their agency’s as well. We sold our agency to focus full time on building Capture & Convert.

It’s now our mission to solve our customer’s complex marketing problems with simple solutions. Simple technology that does it’s job.

Meet the team

A small, agile team of software developers and marketers.
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Ryan Stewart


Ryan founded digital agency WEBRIS in 2016 and sold it in early 2018. He now focuses his time on building automation solutions for marketing professionals.

David Krevitt


David is the creator of Coding is for Losers, where he helps digital agencies, startups and enterprises organizations automate their day to day work.

Toufiq Ahmed


Toufiq builds and manages everything you see here. From the functionality of the plugin to the design of this website, he stays on top of it all.

Our core values


We aim to make your entire experience with our software to be easy. A simple process, from installation to management.


No one wants to spend hours trying to configure a plugin. We're always looking for ways to make our customer's websites more agile.


We aim to pay attention to even the smallest of details, to ensure our customer experience is always on point.


People come first, no matter what. From our customers to our incredible staff, we believe in the power of people.


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