Twitter API Key

Here’s how to get your Twitter API Key.

1. Apply for a Developer Account 

To get access to the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret its first necessary to open a developer’s account.

  • Follow this link
  • Click on Apply for a Developer Account
  • If you already have a twitter developer account, skip this step and go directly to Step 2. 

Twitter requires you to fill out an Intended use form to grant you access to a developer account.

You need to fill out the first description (“In Your Own Words” and answer the question “Will your app use Tweet, Retweet, like, follow, or Direct Message Functionality?”.

The rest of the questions you can mark as No. 

For the general description (seen in the picture below), we recommend you write something along these lines: 

I require the Twitter API to connect Capture & Connect WordPress Plug-in with my account. This plug-in helps create widget-based forms that allow to share specific content from the site in exchange for retweets or follows. The plug-in just collects the number of retweets and the number of follows each form generated. It does not keep any information regarding the twitter account of the user. 

The recommended answer for the question (seen in the picture below) can be: 

Yes. the application allows the user to follow the account or tweet from their account in exchange from content from our site. It only keeps broad information regarding the total numbers of tweets and the number of follows generated by date

These are just recommended answers. Feel free to make them your own!

2. Create an App Application

  • Once your developer account has been approved, create an Application going directly to this link.
  • On the application form, fill out the Application Name “Capture & Convert”, the description and your website address.
  • You can leave the callback and URL empty. Submit the form by clicking “Create your Twitter Application”

3. Create an Access Token

Once your application is created, you have to give it access to your own Twitter account. To do this, click the “Create my Access Token” button. You will be greeted by the OAuth Settings screen, that holds your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Information. 

4. Paste it Into Capture & Convert

Copy the Consumer Key and consumer secret and paste it on their respective fields.

5. Save changes – you’re done!