YouTube OAth

How to get your Youtube´s Client ID and Client Secret.

1. Configure OAuth Consent Screen

  • Go to Google’s Developers Console in this link.
  • On the menu to the right, click on “Credentials”.

  • On the appearing screen click on “Create Credentials” and select the option OAuth Client ID. 

  • A message will appear to let you know you have to configure consent screen first. Click on “Configure Consent Screen”.
  • A new page with a form will appear.
  • Just fill out the fields “Application Name” and “Support Email” and click save. 

2. Create OAuth Client ID

On the new screen that appears, select “Web Application” and click Create. There is some additional information, but it is not necessary to fill out everything else. 

You will be greeted with a Client ID and Client Secret information. 

3. Paste it Into Capture & Convert

Paste the OAuth Client ID and the Client Secret in their respective fields.

4. Save changes – you’re done!