Use Cases

There’s SO MUCH you can do with Capture & Convert. Here’s a handful of ways our customers have been using it.

1. Lock “content upgrades”

A “content upgrade” is a piece of bonus content you can give to visitors in exchange for an email, social share or social follow.

A few examples of a “content upgrades” could be:

  • An ebook
  • Checklist
  • Infographic
  • PDF version of your article

You can try the functionality using the form below – this is the live plugin in action.

Lock your ebook in exchange for an email…

Want the full book?

Enter your email to grab our best selling Amazon book, absolutely free of charge.

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Or give away your newest piece of music in exchange for a follow on Instagram…

Want More Music?

We update our social profiles daily with new music. Drop us a follow to get our unreleased album!

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See a live example on our agency’s website →

2. Promo codes and coupons

Who doesn’t like to save money? Promote a special offer, coupon or promo code through a form to promote the page or build your email list.

We like to use them on our ecommerce store to give away discounts…

Unlock The Coupon

Drop your email to unlock 50% off your next purchase!

Drop your email to unlock 50% off your next purchase!

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We also tuck away promo codes in our blog for discounts on Capture & Convert…

Want A Discount?

Use the buttons below to share this post with a friend and we'll unlock access to save $20 towards your purchase of Capture & Convert.

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3. Alternative to pop ups

Pop ups are annoying and intrusive.

annoying pop ups

Most website owners use them because “they work”.

There’s a better way to capture emails without driving visitors away.

See that icon on the left hand side of your screen (desktop)?

alternative to pop ups

Click it.

Our “Floating Widget” keeps your conversion elements in front of your audience without annoying them and ruining their experience on your website.

We’ve been using this on our agency blog for the last 2 years and it’s helped generate over 10,000 email submissions.

alternative to pop ups use case

Let’s change the status quo – death to pop ups!!!

4. Lock access to videos

Webinars are a proven way to nurture website visitors, generate leads and sell high ticket items.

But the traditional method to get people to watch your webinar is dated.

Why force people to go through a series of landing pages and email sequences just to watch your videos?

Use Capture & Convert as a faster, more agile way to collect email signups by locking the video on your landing page.

Share to Watch

Watch as I break down how to build your own Facebook Advertising campaign, step by step.

Powered by Capture and Convert

This allows people to opt in and watch the video right away, at the peak of their interest.

5. A better landing page experience

The landing page hasn’t changed much, has it?


When everyone is doing the same thing, visitors get numb to the experience.

Stand out from the crowd by offering a different experience with a Capture & Convert form.

6. A more effective newsletter opt in

Just like social share buttons, newsletter opt in forms get lost to visitor eye tracking.

Travel tips delivered weekly 📧

Join our newsletter to receive the down low on how to travel the world without breaking your bank account.

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Sidebar newsletter get little to no traction. Use Capture & Convert forms to incentivize traffic to opt in.

These are just a handful of ways to use Capture & Convert, there’s limitless iterations.

Check out the “widgets” at your disposal →