Widgets & Forms

There’s 5 widgets available to you in Capture & Convert:

  1. Email to Unlock widget
  2. Share to Unlock widget
  3. Follow to Unlock widget
  4. Floating widget
  5. Call to Action widget

Email to Unlock widget

Use this form to capture email addresses. You can either lock something of value (ebook, etc) or use it to replace your current newsletter form. The form syncs with a number of email platforms, read the full list here.

email to unlock example form

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Share to Unlock widget

Generate more shares on Facebook and Instagram.

share to unlock example form

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Follow to Unlock widget

Leverage your blog’s traffic to build a following on social media. Currently, we sync with Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Follow To Unlock slack

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Floating widget

We built this widget so you don’t have to use annoying pop ups anymore. It sits in the bottom of your visitor’s screens to let them see your content while still capturing email leads.

floating unlock widdget


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Call to Action widget

Use this form to call attention and drive traffic to another page on your site (or another). We like to use it to drive traffic from blog posts deeper into our site, like a service page or case study.

call to action unlock

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Check out the form styling options →