An alternative to
annoying pop ups.

Pop up email capture forms are obtrusive and ruin your website’s user experience.

We developed the “Floating Widget” plugin as an alternative to pop ups. The floating widget sits in the bottom corner of the page capturing a visitor’s eye without forcing the issue. It fits seamlessly into your page allowing users to engage with it if they choose to.

See that book floating to your right? That’s the plugin. Click on it and a form will slide out to capture email.

Customize your widget whatever you want. Use your logo, a custom graphic or detailed call to action to grab a visitor’s attention.

Customize your widget

Got a logo? Upload it and use it as the icon. Got an ebook? Upload it and use it as the icon. The widget is 100% customizable to match your brand, offer and marketing messaging.

Integrates with major email platforms

Simply pull the API key from your email provider and drop it into the backend of the plugin and all of your email leads will push directly to your email provider.

Implement within seconds

After you design your form, you'll be given a shortcode. When you place the shortcode on your desired page, the widget will show up on the front end. You can have your forms up and running across your site in less than a minute.

“Over 11,000 email
subscribers added”

Thanks to this simple plugin, I’ve never had to pay for an email subscriber. Simply placing these forms within our blog posts has helped my email list explode to over 11,000 subcribers in 18 months time. More importantly, the list performance is incredible because these subscribers were added the right way.


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