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If you want to get the most out of your Capture & Convert forms, we suggest adding in some custom icons. You can hire a designer or pick from this massive list of free icon sites.


1. Flat Icon

Flat Icon has a huge selection of icons to choose from, including the ability to search by style, color and keyword. While some are free, there’s also a huge selection of premium icons available for purchase on the site.


2. Web Vector Icons (Dribble)

Dribble is a great source for designers. Not only can you search directly for icons, but designers regular publish new ones as well.

3. iStock by Getty Images

iStock has a wide variety of icons to choose from, and every single set is high quality and unique to competing icon sites.

4. Iconshock

Iconshock, similar to Flat Icon, has a wide ranging set of free icons, along with offering premium sets at a good price. Iconshock also allows you to pick your size, style, theme, and format.

5. Material Design

Material Design provides designers with over 1000 free icons.  And, each set available in five different themes, and they come in a variety of sizes and densities.

6. Linea

Linea is an extremely user-friendly website with over 730 free logos available for download. They offer packs of music, weather, e-commerce, elaboration, software, arrows, and general icons.

7. Round Icons

Round Icons has a huge selection of 38,000 free and premium icon.  Round Icons also offers you the option of making custom icons to meet your needs.

8.  Universal Themes

Universal Themes gives the designer the ability to make the icons to match their wants as close as possible.  Users can scale and color the icons as much as they desire.

9. Themify Icons

Themify Icons is an interactive, user-friendly website that displays all of their icons before downloading, so you know for sure it is what you want.

10. Icon Archive

Icon Archive houses over 700,000 free icons which easily fulfill every icon need you have. From food icons to flag icon sets, there is almost nothing Icon Archive does not have.

11. Citysets

Citysets is a collection of different icons representing big cities, such as; San Francisco, Paris, Manchester, London, New York, and Sydney. These icon packs are perfect for simple representations of city living.

12. SoftIcons

SoftIcons is a search engine for over 2,000 sets of icons, each filled with intricate details. The website also allows users to turn pictures into icons for personal or public use.

13. IconMonstr

IconMonstr is a friendly, simple site, filled with icons and a voting poll to decide which icon gets made next. You can either look through 76 pages of icons, or you can search for a specific icon, but either way, you will get results.

14. Mr. Icons

Mr. Icons has some of the most detailed and adorable icons out there, and with an easy layout, the website is perfect for both new and professional graphic designers.

15. Noun Project

Noun project offers over 2 million icons with simple and elegant designs. Customize your free icons with Noun Project as well as have access to a wide variety of creative icons.

16. Icons8

Use Icons8 to have access to over 60 categories and 28 styles of icons including animals, astronomy, and food.


Choose from nearly 17,000 icons with ICONFINDER from black and white to color icons in multiple different styles. There are icons for any projects or business you are designing or branding.

18. Canva

Canva is a great site to make customized resumes and fliers, but they also offer icons to add to your digital creations. Choose between colorful and detailed icons or simple black and white. There are icons for any occasion with Canva.

19. freepik

Choose freepik for your next icons for access to over 99,000 free vector icons. The website is easy to navigate with the filter bar, so you don’t have to waste any time in finding your perfect icons.

20. 1001 Free Downloads

1001 Free Downloads offers more than just icons, but you won’t have to look much further after browsing through nine full pages of different style icons.

21. Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels has collections of flat icons, micro icons, mini icons, and more to download for free.

21. IcoMoon

IcoMoon has over 4,000 icon packs for every need available in several formats. Their different icon designs are bound to cater to your creativity.

22. Icon Seeker

Search on Icon Seeker for numerous icons of different sizes, designs, and categories. Icon Seeker functions as one of the best icon search engines, collecting icons from many different websites.

23. Fontello

Fontello specializes in creating icon fonts. Choose from its selection or customize your own font by dragging and dropping it into the site.

24. Find Icons

Have access to icons and icon packs for free downloads, ranging from animals, nature, food, and more. Find Icons offers colorful, simple, and creative designs.

25. Iconspedia

Use Iconspedia for social media icons as well as countless categories. The site is conveniently designed to filter featured icons, latest icons, and top rated so you find the best icons fast.

26. Veryicon

Veryicon offers flat, round, and custom icons on their user-friendly platform in many different categories. Sort by pixel size, background color, and category to find the icon you need.

27. Free Icons Web

Download free icons and icon sets on Free Icons Web. They offer over 1,600 quality icons as well as vector icons and PSD files.

28. DryIcons

Dryicons offers nearly 7,000 vectors and icons and prioritizes independent coders, developers , and designers by offering their free icons.

29. Pixeden

With Pixeden, each free icon and icon set comes in PNG format and unique categories such as laundry, weather, and archives.

30. Captain Icon

Captain Icon’s designer comes from Spain and is dedicated to providing personalized and creative designs and crafts each icon with a story.

31. Good Stuff No Nonesense

Choose from these hand-drawn icons for free from a Polish designer destined to assist in building your brand.

32. Freebiesbug

Freebiesbug offers free PSD icons from a variety of designers in categories such as shopping, unicons, and beauty.

33. Designbeep

Designbeep has archive collections of free icon downloads in linear, flat, linecolor, and outlined designs.

34. AlienValley

Alien Valley offers design resources for designers and programmers including their selection of free icons. They like to collaborate and partner with other creatives to craft only the best designs.

35. All-free-download

Search for your perfect free icons using All-free-download with this user-friendly platform, organized by popular, newest, and recommended designs.

36. Behance

Behance features designers for many types of designer resources and projects such as free icon packs and downloads.

37. SVG Icons

Browse by designer  for icon sets on SVG Icons to find your desired free icons. They have collected some feature designers from Dribble to provide you with a quality icon selection.

38. Blugraphic

Search through three full pages of icons and icon sets for your design project or business materials. Take advantage of Blugraphic’s vast array of other design resources from illustrations, logos, and more.

39. Creative Tail

Creative Tail finds the best, highest quality free icon downloads from their scouters, whose duties are to find the most unique and perfect icons for designers to support the global design community.

40. CSS Author

CSS Author is a blog directing designers to the latest trending icons and other design resources. Download their free icons they offer from their expertise and experience in the digital design industry.

41. Swift Icons

Swift Icons offers over 2,000 sharp icons in outlined, colored, and filled designs, and 17 categories.

42. Deviant Art

Deviant Art is another website that offers free icon downloads featuring special designers for your designing needs. They stand out from their competitor free icon download websites by offering animated icons.

43. Dreamstale

Dreamstale showcases many digital graphics more than just free icons such as vectors and templates for any digital project for many different devices.

44. EGO Icons

Subscribe with EGO Icons to be granted access to many free icon downloads in various categories. Customize your icons to complement your branding perfectly.

45. Endless Icons

Easily navigate Endless Icons by filtering your free icon search by individual icons, icon sets, and tags. Browse through 23 pages of any category you need.

46. Entypo

Entypo offers 411 free SVG pictograms created pixel by pixel to satisfy your digital needs.

47. Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a well-known and respected free icon download platform offering over 1,500 free icons for download for brand names, various categories, and styles.

48. Free Goodies For Designers

Free Goodies For Designers is run by a small group of creative designers and art directors that aim to share their digital design resources and advice, as well as many free icon sets.

49. Free Icon-Rainbow

Download free icons and customize them by altering size and color to match your business branding. Browse through 168 pages of simply designed and elegant icons for your business use.

50. Fribly

Fribly wants you to leave the hard work up to them from researching and collecting all of your digital creative resources. Choose through their creative free icon downloads in many styles and categories.

51. Elegant Themes

Te creators of Elegant Themes were designers like you who struggled to find the perfect icons for their designs, so they decided to create their own. They know what designers need, and they are dedicated to providing only the best resources.

52. GraphicsFuel

Choose GraphicsFuel to have access to the most diverse collection of icons from digitally designed to hand drawn in every color, style, and theme.

53. Tonicons

Tonicons offers free vector icons for web designers and developers. Choose from a menu of over 600 icons that are easily customizable for your business branding.

54. Icojam

Icojam publishes regular posts featuring a new set of free themed icons. Browse their articles to find themes ranging from Halloween and social icons.

55. Iconshock

Run by Unusual Minds, an organization made up of creative designers, IconShock is a project where they are adding to their collection of over 2 million icons in over 50 styles.

56. IconShop

Use IconShop as your library of free icon downloads for all of your commercial business designs and download in SVG, Ai, PNG, and PSD formats.

57. Stockio

Choose Stockio for your free icon downloads to use original graphics. These icons can be searched and downloaded in seconds, ready to use on the go.

58. Open Iconic

Open Iconic specially designs their icons to be legible down to 8 pixels in a small file size for your ease of download in multiple formats.

59. Inscribe Mag

Inscribe Mag publishes articles for designers and developers as well as provide design resources such as free icons in a variety of sets and styles.

60. Oxygenna

Choose your next free icon downloads among other creative and quality graphics such as free stationary layouts, avatars, and backgrounds.

61. Pixelicons

Pixelicons offers over 6,500 icons that can be customized in several different programs. Download their free icons in several different file types to meet your digital needs.

62. DesignBolts

DesignBolts provides shadow flat free social media icons downloaded for free. Boost your social media following by using these crafty free icons.

63. The Squid

Use The Squid for free icons for your personal and commercial projects. Their designs are simple, colorful, and creatively crafted in a wide variety of styles.

64. Streamline 3.0

Streamline 3.0 offers 100 free icons for download in light, regular, and bold weights.

65. Wegraphics

Choose Wegraphics for your social media icons by Socializic to drive traffic to all of your social media platforms with a creative an artistic free icons. These icons pop on any website or online platform.

66. Web Design Blog

Gain access to hundreds of free icon downloads with Web Design Blog that will be the perfect touch to your digital projects.

67. Sketch App Sources

Download free material icons using Sketch App Sources. Designers have downloaded these creative icons over 26,000 times.

68. Codrops

Codrops offers 30 colored line icons in an eye-catching pastel palette in five different pixel sizes and specially designed for design agencies.

69. Free Line Icon Set

Browse Free Line Icon Set’s collection of 38 free icons of popular editing tools for your current digital project.

70. CSS Icon

CSS Icon is a simple, user-friendly website with many simple icon designs. Just click on your desired icon and copy and paste the code to your program, and you instantly have your new free icon.

71. Theme Isle

Theme isle provides over 100 free icons designed for WordPress to allow web designers to create unique websites with their creative designs.

72. Marvel

Marvel has partnered with Budi Tanrim, Principal Designer at Design System, to present designers with 90 free solid and line icons to download for Sketch and Illustrator.

73. MaxButtons

MaxButtons has designed button and social icons compatible with WordPress websites for that extra touch needed to make your site stand out.

74. Aiconica

Download and customize your free icons with Aiconica to tailor your icon to your style brought to you by a creative group of developers and artists.

75. Zillion Designs

Zillion Designs offers free icon downloads for commercial and personal use. Choose between a variety of different styles such as shadow, colorful line art, flat designs, and glass effects.

76. Mobirise

Choose from a selection of 150 line icons from Mobirise to download for free for whatever digital project or branding you are working on. These are trendy, lightweight icons that will fit for any style.

77. 123 Free Vectors

Turn to 123 Free Vectors when you need a user-friendly platform to capture your new free icons. They regularly update with new art, so they undoubtedly have something for anyone at any time.

78. Envato Elements

Creative and independent designers work with the same goal at Envato Elements: provide creative and free icons for their fellow creators. Their pack of development line icons are easy to use and easily tailored to make it your own.

79. Vecteezy

Search for your free icon downloads within seconds with Vecteezy. From simple black and white, to colorful and detialed art, they have a little bit of anything for any project.

80. Pixabay

Pixabay is a popular platform to find the internet’s best stock images and artwork, but they also offer an array of free icond to downloads for designers and web developers.

81. Vaadin

Download a package of free icons in three formats, or download a font package directly to your hard-drive for your creative use.

82. Nucleo

Nucelo offers 60 free icons in their free test pack. Have access to a variety of mini, colored, glyph, and outline icons.

83. Picons

Picons have been designing and offering simple yet stylish icons since 2009. Customize your free icon and they are ready to use for all of your commercial projects.

84. Icon54

Download Icon54’s 100 free icon pack to obtain a collection of elegant icons in a variety of different themes to get started on your digital projects.

85. UXPin

Download all 80 free icons from UXPin specialized for your design projects. Each icon is a single shape layer, so it can be resized without compromising the quality of the icon.

86. Pixelbuddha

Pixelbuddha update with new designs every week so you always have a new selection of free icons to choose from.

87. Axialis

Use your free Axialis icons for personal and commercial projects as long as you credit them. They have many different icon sets, including several social media icon sets in multiple styles to complement any business or project.

88. Ecology Dreamstime Icons

Dreamstime’s designers have created royalty-free content including the 500 ecology icon set for a free download.

89. Stock Free Images

Find your ideal free icons with Stock Free Images by browsing their 127 pages of hundreds of icons sets and styles.

90. Icono

Download social circle icons for free with Icono in four color options available for Adobe Illustrator and dobe Photoshop.

91. IonIcons

Scroll through the numerous free icons at IonIcons. The code and download option is provided in their easy-to-use website platform.

92. FreeIcons

FreeIcons offers free icon downloads with the option of the size and file type desired in many different themes such as emoji, technology, and yoga icons.

93. Icon Scout

Scroll through your choice of Icon Scout’s free icon packs to download in seconds. These flashy and stylish icons are high quality designs are bound to brighten your digital project.

94. PNG Tree

PNG Tree is the hot spot for unlimited free icon downloads in many popular categories and styles. The designers at PNG Tree enjoy providing a platform to easily access quality, free icons, and saving you time in your busy schedule.

95. Free Design File

Free Design File provides nearly 4,500 unique and trendy free icons to download  as well as photos, vectors, and PSD. Browse their 174 pages of the perfect icons of every theme.

96. Map Icons

Choose your next icons for free with Map Icons by taking advantage of over 1,000 free icons in several different styles and colors.

97. Retro Vectors

Retro Vectors and royalty-free and free of charge for your vector and icon needs with vectors available in commercial grade stock inspired by newspapers and catalogs.

98. hdicon

Hdicon offers free icon themes for vectors, WordPress, and fonts. Navigate easily throughout the website to find your perfect designs.

99. Vector 4 Free

Vector 4 Free shares artwork from worldwide designers in popular formats for personal use. Find your free design within seconds.

With the selection of free websites offering the trendiest and highest quality icons, you are destined to find the icons you need for branding your website and business–hassle-free, and free of charge.



Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate.

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