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You work hard creating content on your website. Stop giving it all away for free!

Capture and Convert lets you lock up specific content on you Wordpress website and ask visitor to pay to unlock it, Either by
Subscribing , liking or sharing content on your website.

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How to Use “Share to Unlock” Forms

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This tutorial will help you setup our “share to unlock” forms, where you ask website visitors to share your page on social media in exchange for a locked item.

1. From the main menu, select “+ New Widget” or “Add New

2. From the widget menu, select “Share to Unlock”

3. Give your widget a title (We like to name them based on the page / content they will be housed)

4. In the “Locker Details” section, enter:
a. Locker Header – the text that will appear as the title in the share box
b. Locker Message – the sub text where you can add detailed call to actions and descriptions of your share box.

5. Select a theme / template for your widget. The free version only comes with a 2 templates. Use the preview box below to view what it will look like on your page.

6. If you’d like to have the option to share your URL on Twitter:

Check the box titled “Enable Twitter Tweet”
Enter what you would like the default Tweet to say when shared by a visitor.
Make SURE to keep it under 140 characters.
Make SURE to include the link of your page that you want shared.
I like to run the link through a shortener first (Bitly, Google, etc).
Enter the what you want the button to say in the widget (i.e. “Tweet”, “Tweet Me”, etc).

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