Imagine this
your blog.

You’ve spent countless hours researching, writing and editing that blog post but you’re getting NO traction on social media.

No shares, no Tweets, no engagement…
…just crickets.

We built this plugin to help you generate more shares on social media, without having to do manual promotions and posts.

The Share to Unlock widget “locks” a piece content in exchange for a share on Facebook or Twitter.

Got a handy checklist to giveaway?
How about an ebook? What about access
to a discount, coupons or rewards?

Just place a simple short code on a page on your website and a widget will appear. When a visitor clicks on “Share” or “Tweet”, they will be redirected to the network to share your link. After they share it, the widget will disappear and they will have access to your content (i.e a link, text, etc).

Pick a form or design your own

Our designers built in a handful of beautiful form designs for you to choose from. If you’ve got the design chops, you can build your own from scratch. You can also customize our pre-set forms.

Customize everything

Everything on the forms can be changed to match your brand, from the colors to the copy, you’re free to make these your own

Implement in seconds

After you design your form, you will be given a shortcode. When you place the shortcode on your desired page, the widget will show up on the front end. You can have your forms up and running across your site within minutes.

“534% increase
in shares”

When we first built this plugin, we didn’t plan on giving it to the public. We built it because we were building hundreds of pieces of content for clients that weren’t generating any traffic on social media. We decided to open it up because, well, it works. It’s one of the few methods that can help you get more shares on social media without putting in any effort.


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