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Hello from Capture & Convert!

Remember the thrill of starting your local business and meeting new customers? We get it. But today, it's about reaching more than just the usual crowd.

With Capture & Convert, we use our love for local businesses and digital know-how to help you become everyone's top pick, both online and nearby.

From your neighborhood to the whole web, we make sure folks find their way to you. Let's make your business shine locally!

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Meet our team

Meet Stephan, Joachim, Andrijana and Denis, the team behind Capture & Convert. They mix their tech and marketing know-how with some cool creative ideas. Together, they made Capture & Convert the top place for local businesses looking for more customers.

Stephan Johnsen

Stephan Johnsen

Co-Founder & Marketing Expert

Stephan Johnsen was born in Norway but now calls Sweden home. He co-founded Capture & Convert and has lots of experience in marketing, especially in medical SEO.

Joachim van Rossenberg

Joachim van Rossenberg

Co-Founder & SEO Specialist

Joachim van Rossenberg is from the Netherlands and is an expert in SEO. He co-founded Capture & Convert and has been helping websites get to the top of Google for over 15 years.

Andrijana Trajanovska

Andrijana Trajanovska

Account Manager & writer

Adriana Trajanovska, an accomplished Account Manager, brings over 20 years of global business experience from Europe, NZ, and the US, with a strong background in Business Development, Operations, Sales, and Marketing.

Denis Trbara

Denis Trbara

Online Marketer & Content Editor

Denis Trbara, originally from Croatia and educated in Italy, is now an online marketer for Capture & Convert. Drawing from his vast experience in insurance and banking, Denis offers deep, practical marketing insights.

The Evolution of Capture & Convert

old capture and convert website
Old Capture & Convert website layout

In 2019, Capture & Convert began as a clever initiative within WEBRIS, the marketing agency spearheaded by Ryan Stewart. It was conceived as a practical WordPress plugin to gather emails (leads) for client websites, avoiding the typical pitfalls of existing plugins that were slow and expensive.

WEBRIS's response to these challenges was a user-friendly plugin that maintained website speed and efficiency. This plugin gained favor quickly among marketers for its effectiveness and ease of use.

However, in 2022, the original creators of Capture & Convert stepped away from the project. The domain and the vision it represented did not go forgotten. Stephan and Joachim, recognizing the potential of Capture & Convert, took over the domain name and relaunched a new website in November 2023. Their goal was clear: to help local business owners generate more leads!

Disclaimer: The current owners of Capture & Convert have had no relationship with the former owners. Please do not contact us with issues or questions related to the plugin or content on the old website.